Not only is working out outdoors easier on the wallet, but it can improve your workouts too!

Gyming indoors is great for many people, but there are certain benefits to working out outdoors that you just can’t get with a conventional gym membership.

From mental health to better workout motivation, doing your workout routine outdoors can do wonders for your routine and its results.

But how exactly does that happen? Why might you eventually convert to outdoor fitness training?

Keep reading to find out more. We’ll explain the five refreshing benefits of exercising outdoors!

1. Vitamin D Absorption

COVID19 had most of us staying indoors for much longer than we would have otherwise. Because of this, many people’s vitamin D levels have dropped to concerning levels. Without Vitamin D, we lose out on key benefits such as:

While supplements and diet changes might help address this concern, taking in some extra sun can help even more. This is even more helpful for those with darker skin pigmentation and/or those of older age. Both elements can stunt vitamin D absorption.

Sunscreen use can also block vitamin D absorption, but people usually don’t apply their sunscreen with the right amount and/or evenly enough to block all UVB radiation.

So don’t skimp out on the sunscreen for the sake of vitamin D absorption! When you’re exercising outdoors, make sure you slap on that sunblock to ensure that you enjoy both benefits of skin cancer prevention and vitamin D absorption.

2. Higher Enjoyability

As mentioned before, vitamin D absorption can improve mental health. Part of this reason is that vitamin D is more of a hormone rather than a vitamin. This hormone aids in serotonin synthesis, helping individuals experience sensations of well-being.

But besides this, being surrounded by nature and fresh air can help you enjoy your workouts more. Trying to do your cardiovascular exercise in a stuffy apartment can make you feel frustrated and cramped. For some people, exercising in an indoor gym can feel monotonous and elicit many unwanted smells.

All this won’t only affect your mood while exercising. It might also affect your ability to sustain your workout regimen. The best exercise is the kind that you can do regularly without so much dread, so it doesn’t make sense to stick with an exercise setting that prevents that from happening.

3. Mental Health Improvement

It’s no secret that exercise in and of itself is great for releasing endorphins, which can put you in a great mood. Not only that, but it can help lower cortisol (stress) levels, which can ease anxiety levels. So whether you have problems regulating symptoms of depression, anxiety, or both, exercising, in general, can significantly help with both efforts.

This, coupled with the last point, can provide both short-term and long-term benefits for your mental health. While it won’t eliminate the root of someone’s mental health problems, it can function as a fantastic form of treatment.

4. Social Function

Working out outdoors can provide a great opportunity for you to bond with friends and family. It usually doesn’t make much sense to invite a friend to make a trip over to your apartment for core exercises. Even in an indoor gym, most people have very different routines that lead them to separate to different parts of the facility during their own sessions.

But exercising outdoors is a far more enjoyable experience for most people. Not only that, but you can be near your friends and/or family even if you both have very different routines.

A gym might section off different parts of the building for certain exercises. But it’s feasible to space two different outdoor workouts close together provided that people bring their own equipment. Whether you’re working on flexibility, agility, or cardio, you won’t have to mimic your friend’s workout to prevent separation.

This way, you and your workout buddy can talk to each other while exercising. Workouts will become much less of an isolated experience, which can even motivate you to work out harder and more often!

5. More Space to Exercise

Indoor workouts might cause people to limit their range of motion and work out with less intensity, even if they don’t know it. In a smaller space in your home, you might be too afraid to work out at full intensity in case you break something. In an indoor gym, you might not always have the space to lay down your mat and do your desired stretches.

This benefit pertains, especially to cardio workouts. Doing cardio on a machine isn’t everyone’s style, and trying to walk or run in a small space might even slow down your pace. But in a place like a park or a running track, you can do your cardio at whatever pace you like.

Outdoor areas are rarely too crowded with people to prevent you from exercising with full effort. Using them to your full advantage can help you execute more efficient workouts in a much prettier place.

Bring Your Workout Outdoors

Although doing your routine at an indoor gym is common practice for many people, it’s not always the best. The fact of the matter is, there are many reasons why your workouts and their results might vastly improve when you work out outdoors.

At AWAT, we ensure that customers have workout availability 24/7 365 days a year, no matter the location. We bring the gym to you! If you’re interested, contact us today to book your first personal training session.