Are you ready to take charge of your health and get in shape? If so, working with a personal trainer can be incredibly beneficial. You’ll be in the fast lane to fitness, using targeted custom workouts and getting real pro tips to improve your form.

But, finding a personal trainer can be tough! You’ll want to work with someone who understands how to motivate you, pushes you toward your fitness goals, and supports your overall wellness. And, it’s absolutely essential that you choose a trainer who you feel comfortable with.

Keep reading for our top five tips on finding the perfect fitness professional, and get started on your road to fitness now!

1. Watch Them in Action 

A bit of careful observation can help you decide whether or not a trainer is right for you. And, any good trainer will be happy to let you watch them work!

Focus on what kinds of exercise are being performed during the session that you observe. Does the trainer seem engaged – or are they bored and distracted? And, are they modeling and performing the exercises for their client?

It’s also essential to watch the trainer giving feedback. Are they helpful and supportive? Does the client look like they are working hard and having fun?

The ability to coach you and keep you motivated is vital, especially if you’re seeking personal training for beginners. You’ll need a blend of understanding and tough love to kick start your fitness routine. And, you’ll want plenty of tips on technique to make sure you stay on the right path.

2. Ask for a Consultation

Once you’ve seen a trainer at work with somebody else, it’s time to focus on yourself. A consultation can help you connect with them, explain your goals, and ask any questions that you might have. Some trainers even offer a complimentary mini session to help assess your fitness level and offer guidance.

This is also an opportunity for you to gauge their personality, training style, and areas of expertise – and decide if your personalities will work well together. 

You’ll also want to ask potential trainers about their certifications and credentials. And, if you’re recovering from an injury or require special assistance, you should look for a fitness pro with a degree in exercise science or sports medicine as well as a certification from one or more fitness industry organizations. 

3. Check References

Simply put, great trainers get awesome online reviews! And, if a trainer doesn’t want to share these with you, alongside client references and referrals, keep looking.

If you’re hoping to narrow the playing field before meeting with individual trainers, you can try looking around at review sites like Yelp beforehand.

Taking a peek at your prospective trainer’s social media may also be helpful. Some fitness professionals share workout videos and client stories online. And, this can also give you more information about each trainer’s personal style.

4. Find a Setting That Fits

Almost as important as how to find a personal trainer – how to find the right place to work out.

One of the benefits of a personal trainer is the flexibility to create custom workouts and routines geared especially toward you. And, where you work out is a surprisingly large part of that equation!

These days, more gyms than ever are taking fitness outdoors – and for a good reason. It’s scientifically proven to be better for you! In fact, exercising outside can increase your energy levels, improve your mood, and ease the symptoms of depression.

Getting out in the sun can also help your body get its daily dose of vitamin C – just don’t forget your sunscreen!

If you absolutely prefer an indoor workout, no worries. Plenty of highly skilled trainers will be happy to come to you – no matter where you prefer to get your exercise.

5. Set Attainable Goals Together

If you only remember one of our personal trainer tips, make it this one!

As soon as you start working with a new trainer, it’s vital to hone in on their goals for your fitness. Are they realistic? Do you feel good about them?

Remember, this is all about you, not your personal trainer’s expectations. So, you should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to personal fitness goals. Your trainer’s role should be to supplement your dreams with achievable strategies and plans – not to lecture you or tell you what to do.

That being said, don’t go too easy on yourself! A great trainer will always want to push you just a tiny bit further. And that’s just the type of motivation you’re looking for, isn’t it?

Final Words on Finding a Personal Trainer

For some, gender matters when it comes to finding the right trainer – and exercise pros know it. If you’d feel more comfortable working out with a man or a woman specifically, it’s a good idea to state your needs upfront. You might also want to ask for references with friends or at a local gym. 

More importantly, you should hire a trainer who you feel completely comfortable with. This person will become an essential part of your fitness journey, and you are likely to be in close contact with them during sessions.

Your Fast Track to Fitness

Armed with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding a personal trainer that’s perfect for your individual goals. That’s awesome! Reading this article could well be the first step on your path toward a happier, healthier life.

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